CLARION displays - welcome

Offering affordable advertising display systems individually tailored to meet the demands of your own environment – Clarion Displays provide a wide range of displays to bring a new dimension to your property agent window.

Selecting from a range of display solutions we provide a complete system package including window screens, dedicated PC control and a flexible software solution to display your data from your current database.  Additional property management software is also available if required.

We supply bright output displays for entry-level systems (400cds) with the option of selecting sunlight viewable displays where brightness is important.  All displays can be custom framed to suit your requirements.

We start with a site survey to assess your requirements and recommend the best solution for you.

We offer:

  • A range of display options centrally controlled from a single PC
  • Property Agent branding with customised range of display templates
  • High definition eye-catching photos – unlimited images and property details
  • Integration to your existing property database – providing automatic instant updates
  • Ability to apply property filters to direct material to a particular display - separate price bands and lettings for example.
  • Complete support and maintenance included ensuring your system is running to full potential


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